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JOB TARGET:    Scout and / or Location Manager.


WORK HISTORY: Features and TV

2017                “Love” Season 3 Legendary / Netflix 

2016                “Workaholics“ Season 7 50/50 Productions LLC / Avalon / Scout/Manager

2016                “Love” Season 2 Legendary / Netflix 

2015                “Workaholics“ Season 6 50/50 Productions LLC / Avalon / Scout/Manager

2015                “Kevin from Work” Season 1 ABC Family Scout and Manager

2015                “Chevy” Pilot ABC Disney  Scout and Manager

2015                “Kevin From Work” Pilot ABC Family / McG Scout and Manager

2014                “Workaholics” Season 5 50/50 Productions LLC / Avalon / Scout/Manager

2013                “Workaholics” Season 4 50/50 Productions LLC / Avalon / Scout/Manager

2012                “Marc Maron Project” TVM Productions /Fox TV Show Scout and Manager

2012                “Echo” Disney Feature Location Scout and Manager

2011                “Sparkle” Additional Photography LA Location Scout and Manager

2011                “Louie” FX TV Show, LA Location Manager Season Finale

2011                “Horrible Bosses” New Line Feature Reshoots Location Manager

2010                “Red State” Complete Feature Location Manager

2010                “Horrible Bosses” New Line Feature Location Manager

2010                “The Apparition” Dark Castle Feature Location Manager    

2009                Disney MOW “Starstruck” Location Manager. 

2009                Sony Screen Gems Feature “Priest“ Location Scout.

2008                “ Time Heals” Sony TV Pilot Scout    

2008                  “My Sisters Keeper” New Line Feature, Montana Location Scout and Manager.  

2008                “True Blood” HBO, Alan Ball, Scout and Location Manager 

2007                “Knight Rider” NBC Universal MOW / Pilot, 2nd Unit Location Manager 

2007                “True Blood” HBO Pilot, Alan Ball, Scout and Location Manager 

2007                “Hackett” Sony Fox TV Pilot, Scout.

2007                “Finding Amanda” Peter Tolan Feature, Location Manager 

2006                “Amusement” New Line Feature, Los Angeles Scout 

2006                “Nothing is Private/ Towel head ” Alan Ball / Twin Flags Feature Location Manager

2006                “Mr Woodcock” Reshoots, New Line Feature Location Manager.

2005                “Holiday” Sony Columbia Feature, Scout. 

2005                “Accepted” Universal Feature, Scout & Key Asst.

2005                “Mr Woodcock” New Line Cinema Feature Scout & Key Asst.

2004                “The Longest Yard” Paramount Feature, 2nd Unit Location Manager.  

2004                “Bewitched” Sony Columbia Feature Scout & 2nd Unit Manager.

2004                “Revenge of a Married Woman” MOW scout.

2003                “CSI-Miami” Scout & Key Assistant. 

2002                “SWAT” Sony Columbia Feature, Scout & 2nd Unit Location Manager.

2002                “Holes” Walden Media/Disney Feature, Scout & Key Assistant. 

2001                “Duplex” Scout.

2001                “White Oleander” Scout




2001                “Greg, the Bunny” 20th Century Fox Television, Location Manager. 

2000                “Gideon’s Crossing” Touchstone Television, Location Manager.

2000                “Dude, Where’s my car?” Fox Features, Reshoots, Location Manager. 

2000                “The Glass House” Sony Columbia Feature, Key assistant.

2000                “Disney The Kid” Disney feature, Scout & Key assistant.

1999                “Ready to Rumble” Sony Columbia Feature, Locations Assistant.

1999                “Shadow Hours” Peter McAlevy Independant, Reshoots, Location Manager. 

1999                “Judging Amy” 20 Th. Century Fox TV Locations Assistant.

1999                “Scream III.” Miramax Feature Locations Assistant.

1999                “Tuesdays With Morrie  TV Movie of the Week,  Locations Assistant. 

1999                “Lost Souls” New Line Feature reshoots, Scout & Locations Assistant.

1999                “Hanging Up” Sony Columbia Feature. Locations Assistant.

1999                “Inspector Gadget” Disney Feature reshoots.  Locations Assistant.

1999                “Blue Streak” Sony Columbia Feature. Locations Assistant.

1998                “Inspector Gadget” Disney Feature. Locations Assistant.                    

1998                Scout. Interned. Projects included Nike Commercial and

“Kill the Man” A Fresh            Produce Independent Feature.        



































Work History Commercials:

2014                Multiple Commercials Community Films, Artifact, Tool etc   

2013                Carbo Films Samsung

2013                Radical Canon

2013                Radical Tim Hortons

2013                Community Films ( McDonalds, Belvita, Bombay, Cheerios, Armor All, Tide)

2013                Global Vision Productions Toyota

2013                Eyeball Pearle

2012                Paranoid ATT

2012                Traktor ATT

2012                Green Dot Intuit

2012                Paranoid US Acura

2012                MJZ/Dodge

2012                Supply and Demand/Chrysler

2011                Collaboration/SDCCU Scout And Manager

2011                MJZ/Mirinda Scout

2011                Biscuit/Addidas Scout

2011                Auster/AARP Manager

2011                Hello /  WalgreensScout

2011                Day O Productions / SonyLocation Scout and Manager

2011                Nex / Sony Location Manager

2011                Caviar / Dodge  Location Manager.

2011                Tim Hale Photography / Wells Fargo Location Scout and Manager

2011                Caviar / Burger King  Location Scout and Manager

2010                CO2 Films /Wells Fargo Location Scout and Manager

2010                Furlined /  Converse Location Manager

2010                Caviar / CA Lotto Scout and Location Manager

2010                Caviar / Rokk Location manager

2010                Assembly / So Cal Edison Location Manager

2010                Caviar / Cappy Location Manager

2010                Landau Branded / AT&T  Scout and Location Manager

2010                Paranoid / Accenture US Scout and Manager

2009                HSI / National Highway Transportation Safety Agency Scout and Manager  

2009                DNA / Allstate Location Scout and Manager  

2009                Toyota Webisodes /Commercials

2009                Go Film / Verizon Scout and Manager.

2009                Go Film / Healthy Choice Scout and Manager.

2009                Hungry Man / Sears  Scout 

2009                Giraldi Productions / Foster Grant Scout and Manager.

2008                Giraldi Productions / McDonalds Scout and Manager.

2005                Radical MediaVideo. ,“Korn” Scout & Manager.

2005                Chelsea Pictures / Long John Silver, Scout and Manager.      

2004                X Ray Media Commercial Scout / Manager

2001                RSA /Nike, Scout & Key Assistant.

1999                “Back Street Boys” Music Video. Locations Assistant.            

1998                Aerial Coordinator. Commercial starring Pierce Brosnan. 








Work History Other:



2008                  “3D Rally Car Inc” Camera Test, Production Coordinator, Location Scout and Manager.   

2008                “Blind Love” Lock and Key Productions Reality show Location Manager      

2008                CBS Young and Old Productions Reality Pilot Scout and Location Manager

2006                “The Apprentice” Reality TV Show, Los Angeles, Location Manager  

2001                “Junkyard Wars” RDF Media/TLC, Location Manager.  


1995-1998       Program Manager,  FXC CORPORATION, Santa Ana, California

                        Program Manager of Autonomous Stand off Cargo Delivery System from prototype to                                  inventory item. Product Manager, Global launch and marketing of Electronic                                           Parachutists Automatic Activation Device. Product Manager, Virtual Reality Parachute                                     Training Simulator. Product Manager HALO/HAHO parachute systems.

1987- 1995      Chief Instructor & Sales Manager,  SKYDANCE SKYDIVING, Davis, California.

                        Drove sales from startup to a million dollars plus per annum in 6 years.

1984 - 1986                 Programmer/Analyst, YARDLEYS (SA) PTY. SOUTH AFRICA.

                        Systems analysis and design. Wrote all new user manuals after a major mainframe                               conversion from an ICL 2904 to an IBM System 38. Languages :Cobol, RPG III, Basic.

1983-1984       Cape Times Distribution Manager, Cape Town, South Africa.


1982 – 1983   Ellerman and Bucknell Maritime Container Manager, Cape Town, South Africa. 


1978 - 1981                 Armored Recce Troop Leader 17/21st Lancers, BRITISH ARMY, EUROPE

                        Independent Air Delivered Armored Squadron, component of multi national NATO                            Quick Reaction Force specializing in Arctic Warfare. 



HEADFORT, Meath, Ireland and MILTON ABBEY, Dorset, England.





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Misc:  French, Afrikaans.